Sonics 20kHz Hand Held Welder
Sonics 20kHz Hand Held Welder
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Sonics 20kHz Hand Held Welder

Weld by digital time and / or energy with Sonics' 500 watt ultrasonic hand held welding systems for manual assembly operations, such as spot welding, cutting, staking and inserting. Available in 20 kHz frequencies, these lightweight hand guns feature auto tuning, programmable time, energy or continuous duty welding modes and digital amplitude control.

Sonics 20kHz Hand Held Welder - Dongguan Sanglisi Machinery and Equipment Limited

  • Main features of Hand Held 20KHz Plastics Welding System:

  • Light weight tool with 680g

  • Digital timer control

  • Energy control is available with H520E series

  • Converter frequency display

  • Digital amplitude control

  • Output power indicator

  • Auto tuning function

  • Load regulation circuitry

  • Overload protection circuitry

  • DB9 PLC I/O connector

  • 10’ RF converter cable

Technique specifications:

Time ControlStandard
Energy ControlN/AStandard
Auto TuningStandard
Amplitude ControlDigital control (20-100%)
Frequency DisplayStandard
Power DisplayStandard
Input PowerAC220V (50/60Hz)
Converter SizeDia.48.3 x L193mm
Converter Weight680g
Generator Size(W)190 x (D)340 x (H)216mm
Generator Weight5.9kg

Optional Accessories

Sonics Hand Press

Hand Press
A manual press is available for assembling parts where production volume does not justify automated equipment. The press provides more controlled motion of the converter than is possible when holding the converter by hand, resulting in more consistent assemblies. This unit includes adjustable cam switch actuation. An optional plug-in foot pedal is also available for foot switch activation.

Sonics Pistol Grip

Pistol Grip

A Pistol Grip is available for the model CV55 and CVG54 hand held converters and is designed to provide more ergonomic handling of the unit for certain application demands. The Grip is a lightweight device that simply attaches to the converter and allows the operator to activate the ultrasonics by pulling on the “trigger.”

Sonics StaplerStapler
A lightweight stapler attachment is available for the CV55 20 kHz hand held converter and is ideally suited for sealing low production rate clamshell packages. The stapler is designed with a special pivoting mechanism that is attached to the converter. This mechanism contains a steel anvil that applies pressure to a small area on the flanged outer edge of the clamshell package. The anvil is supplied with two sealing patterns: a medium diamond knurl and a coarse diamond knurl. To switch from one sealing pattern to the other, the anvil is rotated 180°.


Tip Assortment Kit ( 20 kHz only )
This kit contains 6 spot welding tips, 6 staking tips, 6 overweight tips, 3 male knurled coarse tips, 3 male knurled fine tips, 3 inserting tips and 2 flat tips. Tips have 1/4-28 threaded stud and can be used on ½” diameter front drivers.

Tip Assortment Kit ( 20 kHz only )

Brand Name
Motive Power
Control Mode
500 W
110VAC / 220VAC
Place of Origin
United States
spot welding, cutting, staking and inserting